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Selected Publications:

1. Recruitment of Foreigners in the Market for Computer Scientists in the US” (with John Bound, Breno Braga and Joe Golden) - (Journal of Labor Economics (2015))


2. Guns and Butter? Fighting Violence with the Promise of Development (with Laura Zimmermann)

(forthcoming - Journal of Development Economics)

Other Media: "Maoist Violence and MNREGA" -(Ideas for India 2015)

Papers in Submission:

1. "Large-scale Education Reform in General Equilibrium: Regression Discontinuity Evidence from India"

Winner of the Michael Moore Award for Best Paper in Applied Microeconomices, University of Michigan.

Presented at Michigan, NEUDC (Brown), the Urban Institute, McGill, Georgia State, UC Davis, UC San Diego, Population Association of America, Mathematica, William and Mary, Center for Global Development, IFPRI, Society of Labor Economists (SOLE), Stockholm University, Stockholm School of Economics, the World Bank

Other Media: "What are Schools Worth? That Depends on the General Equilibrium Effects" - (World Bank Blog)

2. "A Passage to America: University Funding and International Students" (with John Bound, Breno Braga and Sarah Turner)

Presentations at Michigan, Urban Institute, NBER Education Spring Meetings, Population Association of America, Society of Labor Economists (SOLE), Ohio State, UIUC

Other Media: Inside Higher Ed, Market WatchCGD BlogCGD Podcast, Michigan Daily,Bloomberg, NBER Digest,

(Mentions: 538, Bloomberg)

3. "Resources, Conflict and Economic Development in Africa" (with Ach Adhvaryu, James Fenske and Anant Nyshadham) -Presented at the University of Michigan, and the University of Berkeley's - Annual World Bank Conference; co-author presentations at the College of William and Mary, University of Toronto conference, Northeastern University

4.  "Understanding the Economic Impact of the H-1B Program on the US" (with John Bound & Nicolas Morales) - ungated version

co-author presentations at the University of Michigan, UC- San Diego, UC - Davis, NBER Global Talent SI

Other Media: Bloomberg (TV), CNBC (TV)AirTalk (Radio: NPR affiliate), Wall Street Journal, NBER DigestHKS (Shorenstein), NewsIndia, Atlantic, Quartz, BuzzFeed, Morning Star, CIO Dive, Silicon Beat, Market Watch, Michigan News, NextGov,

(Mentions: Wikipedia (H1B) )

Work in Progress:

1. Incentivizing Standards and Standardizing Incentives: Affirmative Action in India 

Presented at EconCon(Columbia), NEUDC (Harvard), Michigan, Indian Statistical Institute

Other Media: "Quotas and Schooling Decisions"  - (Ideas for India 2014) 

2. "The Effectiveness of Decentralize Education Programs: A Multi-Dimensional Regression Discontinuity Approach" 

Presented at the University of Michigan

3. "The IT Boom And Other Unintended Consequences of Chasing the American Dream" (with Nicolas Morales)

supported by the Alfred P Sloan Foundation's NBER Fellowship on High-Skill Immigration. 

Presented at Michigan, Midwest Macro (Purdue), Indian Statistical Institute (Delhi), Mt Holyoke, PacDev (UC Riverside)

4. "Road Oft Taken: The Route to Spatial Development"

Presented at the University of Michigan, the Indian Statistical Institute, NEUDC (MIT), Center for Global Development

Other Media: "Transit Networks and Regional Development in India" - (Ideas for India 2015) 

Other Publications, Chapters and Articles:

1. "Fighting Maoist violence with promises: Evidence from India’s Employment Guarantee Scheme" (with Laura Zimmerman - The Economics of Peace and Security Journal, vol 9, no. 1, 2014) 


2. "Finishing Degrees And Finding Jobs" (with John Bound, Murat Demirci and Sarah Turner - Chapter in Innovation Policy and the Economy, Volume 15, William R. Kerr, Josh Lerner and Scott Stern, editors)

Other Media: "How the US Immigration Ban Hurts Students, Universities, and the US Economy" - (CGD Blog)

"The Evidence on Immigrants" - (CGD Podcast)


3.  Fewer Jobs or Smaller Paychecks? Aggregate Crisis Impacts in Selected Middle Income Countries” (with David Newhouse and Pierella Paci)  chapter in Working through the Crisis: Jobs and Policies in Developing Countries during the Great Recession December 2013. IZA Working Paper Version



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