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I. Working Papers:

1. "The IT Boom And Other Unintended Consequences of Chasing the American Dream" (with Nicolas Morales)

reject and resubmit at the American Economic Review

2. "Traditional Institutions in Modern Times: Dowries as Pensions When Sons Migrate" (with Natalie Bau, Corinne Low, and Alessandra Voena) revise and resubmit at the Quarterly Journal of Economics 

3. "Weathering the Storm: Supply Chains and Climate Risk" (with Juanma Castro-Vincenzi, Nicolas Morales and Nitya Pandalai-Nayar)

4. "Supply Chain Resilience: Evidence from Indian Firms" (with Nicolas Morales and Nitya Pandalai-Nayar) revise and resubmit at American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics

5. "Spatial Mobility, Economic Opportunity, and Crime" (with Carlos Medina, Anant Nyshadham, Daniel Ramos, Jorge Tamayo and Audrey Tiew) revise and resubmit at American Economic Review

6. "The Aggregate Implications of Cultural Proximity" (with Brian Cevallos Fujiy and Hiroshi Toma)

7. "Extending the Social Safety Net: Female Labor Supply and Rural Pension Eligibility in Brazil" (with Margaret Lay, Stephanie Lee, and Benjamin Thompson) revise and resubmit at Journal of Public Economics

8. "Abundance from Abroad: Migrant Income and Long-Run Economic Development" (with Emir Murathanoglu, Caroline Theoharides and Dean Yang)

9. "Production Networks and Firm-Level Elasticities of Substitution" (with Brian Cevallos Fujiy and Devaki Ghose)

10. "Shared Identity and Entrepreneurship" (with Manaswini Bhalla, Ishani Chatterjee and Manisha Goel)

11. "Endogenous Production Networks and Firm Dynamics" (with Anuraag Aekka)

12. "Migration Policy and the Supply of Foreign Physicians: Evidence from the Conrad 30 Waiver Program" (with Breno Braga and Sarah Turner) revise and resubmit at the Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization. 

13. "Hometown Conflict and Refugees' Integration Efforts" (with Cevat Giray Aksoy, Victoria Marino and Semih Tumen)

II. Publications:

Journal Publications:

1. "The Productivity Consequences of Pollution-Induced Migration in China" (with Wenquan Liang, A Mushfiq Mobarak and Ran Song) forthcoming American Economic Journal: Applied Economics

2. "Political Accountability for Populist Policies: Lessons from India's Demonetization" (with Priya Mukherjee)

 Journal of Public Economics, Vol 219, March 2023, 104819

3. "Formal Employment and Organized Crime: Regression Discontinuity Evidence from Colombia" (with Carlos Medina, Anant Nyshadham and Jorge Tamayo) The Economic Journal, 4 April 2023,

4. "Trade Liberalization and Chinese Students in US Higher Education" (with Kevin Shih, Ariel Weinberger, Mingzhi Xu and Miaojie Yu) Review of Economics and Statistics, 23 October 2023, doi:

5. “Large-scale Education Reform in General Equilibrium: Regression Discontinuity Evidence from India
 Journal of Political Economy, vol 131(2), February 2023  [presentation slides]

6. "Women's Well-being During a Pandemic and its Containment" (with Natalie Bau, Corinne Low, Manisha Shah, Sreyashi Sharmin and Alessandra Voena) Journal of Development Economics, vol 156, March 2022, 102839

7. "Job Loss, Credit and Crime in Colombia" (with Carlos Medina, Anant Nyshadham, Christian Posso and Jorge Tamayo)

 American Economic Review: Insights vol 3(1), p 97-114, March 2021

8. "Resources, Conflict and Economic Development in Africa" (with Ach Adhvaryu, James Fenske and Anant Nyshadham)

 Journal of Development Economics, vol 149, March 2021, 102598

9. "The Globalization of Postsecondary Education: The Role of International Students in the US Higher Education System" (with John Bound, Breno Braga and Sarah Turner)  Journal of Economic Perspectives, vol 35(1), Winter 2021

10. "The  Effects  of  Elite  Public  Colleges  on  Primary  and Secondary  Schooling  Markets  in  India” (with Maulik Jagnani)

Journal of Development Economics, vol 146 (2020)

11. “Does Affirmative Action Incentivize Schooling? Evidence from India" Review of Economics and Statistics, Vol 102(2),May 2020        (Old title: "Incentivizing Standards and Standardizing Incentives: Affirmative Action in India”)

12. "A Passage to America: University Funding and International Students (with John Bound, Breno Braga and Sarah Turner)

American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, Vol 12 Issue 1, February 2020

13. "Reservoir of Foreign Talent(with John Bound & Nicolas Morales) Science vol. 356, Issue 6339, pp. 697, May 2017

14. “Guns and Butter? Fighting Violence with the Promise of Development (with Laura Zimmermann)

Journal of Development Economics, vol 124, January 2017, p 120-141

15. “Recruitment of Foreigners in the Market for Computer Scientists in the US” (with John Bound, Breno Braga and Joe Golden) -

Journal of Labor Economics, vol 33, part 2, July 2015, p S187-S233

IV. Book Chapters & Other Publications:

1. Fewer Jobs or Smaller Paychecks? Aggregate Crisis Impacts in Selected Middle-income Countries” (with David Newhouse and Pierella Paci) chapter in Working through the Crisis: Jobs and Policies in Developing Countries during the Great Recession December 2013. IZA Working Paper Version

2. "Fighting Maoist violence with promises: Evidence from India’s Employment Guarantee Scheme" (with Laura Zimmerman -

The Economics of Peace and Security Journal, vol 9, no. 1, 2014)

3. "Finishing Degrees And Finding Jobs (with John Bound, Murat Demirci, and Sarah Turner - chapter in Innovation Policy and the Economy, Volume 15, William R. Kerr, Josh Lerner and Scott Stern, editors)

4.  "Understanding the Economic Impact of the H-1B Program on the US (with John Bound & Nicolas Morales) - ungated version

(chapter in “High-Skilled Migration to the United States and Its Economic Consequences” eds. Gordon Hanson, William Kerr and Sarah Turner)

5. "High-Skill Immigration, Innovation, and Creative Destruction" (with Munseob Lee) chapter in book The Role of Immigrants and Foreign Students in Science, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship, (Ina Ganguli, Shulamit Kahn, Megan MacGarvie)

6. "Public Universities: The Supply Side of Building a Skilled Workforce" (with John Bound, Breno Braga and Sarah Turner) RSF: The Russell Sage Foundation Journal of the Social Sciences

7. "Better Migrant Rights Help Native Workers" Journal of International Law and Foreign Affairs (UCLA Law)

8. "How Higher Education Became an Important US ExportIssues in Science and Technology, Fall 2021. National Academy of Sciences

V. Other Media:

a. On Development Economics:

i. "Transit Networks and Regional Development in India" - (Ideas for India 2015)

ii. "Quotas and Schooling Decisions"  - (Ideas for India 2014)

iii. "Maoist Violence and MNREGA" -(Ideas for India 2015)

iv. "What are Schools Worth? That Depends on the General Equilibrium Effects" - (World Bank Blog)

v. "Development For Peace: The Decline Of Naxalite Violence In India" - (Sustainable Security - Oxford Research Group)

vi. "The Development of Modern Africa: Conflict, Resources and Institutions" - (Vox Dev 2018)

vii. "Does affirmative action incentivise schooling?" - (Vox Dev 2019)

viii. "The Electoral Consequences of India's Demonetization" - (Ideas for India 2020)

ix. "Covid and containment worsened women’s mental health, increased food insecurity in India" - (Ideas for India 2021, the Print 2021)

x. "Women's wellbeing during a pandemic and its containment" - VoxDev and VoxEU 2021

xi. "The productivity consequences of pollution-induced migration in China" - VoxEU 2021 and VoxDev 2022

xii. "What are the long-term returns to large-scale education expansions?VoxDev, 2023

xii. Podcasts: Probable Causation: Employment and Crime in Colombia

b. On International Students at US Universities:

Blogs (Center for Global Development): "How the US Immigration Ban Hurts Students, Universities, and the US Economy

"How Liberalizing Trade with China Led to a Boom in International Students in the US" and VoxChina

Podcasts (with Michael Clemens)  "The Evidence on Immigrants

Op-Eds: "Fewer international students could become a problem for US universities" The Hill, July 2018.

c. On the H-1B Program and High-Skill Worker Migration:

i. Blogs: "How the American dream led to India’s IT boom (Ideas for India 2017)

ii. TV and Radio Interviews: Bloomberg (TV), Al Jazeera, CNBC (TV), Fox5 San Diego (TV), AirTalk (Radio: NPR affiliate)

iii. Op-Eds: "Can the Indian IT sector overcome the H-1B hurdles?" India Global Business, October 2017.

"Hiring highly educated immigrants leads to more innovation and better products" The Conversation, September 2018.

VI. On the Backburner:

1. "The Effectiveness of Decentralize Education Programs: A Multi-Dimensional Regression Discontinuity Approach"

2. "High-Skill Immigration and Consumer Welfare" (with Munseob Lee)

3. "Road Oft Taken: The Route to Spatial Development"


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